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How To Make Alkaline Water Benefits & Ionized Alkalized Water Ionizer Machine Consumer Review Report in Waterloo, Iowa For Sale

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Make Alkaline Water Health Benefits with Ionized Antioxidant Water Ionizer Machine
Improve your health by drinking the medically researched health benefits present in ionized alkaline ph drinking water. You will find that this water is like no other since it has been molecularly broken down by the water electrolysis process making it much easier for the cells in the body to absorb while incorporating many medically research antioxidant health benefits. Bawell water ionizers machine will produce antioxidant rich higher ph alkalinized drinking water by filtering and purifying tap water then reducing it via the water electrolysis process. The products come with a:
60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty
See how it works in the Youtube Video below:
To read the medical research on the health benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water visit
Bawell Water Ionizers . Com
I have attached several photos, the last four photos are of the waste water hose when making high PH alkalinized water and low PH acidic water. This waste water hose is dropped in the kitchen sink at all times. When you make water with a an alkaline water ionizer machine, the water you are making comes out of the metal hose on top of the machine and there is waste water that comes out of a waste water hose at the bottom of the machine which you place in your sink. You should never drink the waste water, but it is very acidic when making high PH alkalized water and can be used to soak fruits and vegetables and to kill bacteria and remove pesticides. People also use this acidic waste water for rinsing meats, soaking their feet to kill bacteria on the feet, and any other external uses where you want to kill bacteria. You can use it to wash cuts, or to fill your mop bucket for mopping the house, etc. When making the acidic water on the machine and acidic water is coming out of the metal hose then you will have very high PH alkaline water coming out of the drain hose. This high PH alkaline basic water can be used as a de-greasing agent since it is very basic, you can use it to soak greasy pans or even to wash your hands to remove oils and grease of the hands more easily. Some car mechanics like to use this very high PHwater to remove oil and dirt/grime off their hands with their special soaps.
This machine has 4 different alkaline ph settings on the front, this is what you use them for:
level 1: For initial drinking. When you first start drinking alkaline ionized electrolyzed water you have to start low then work your way up. Drink the level 1 for 3 to 5 days then move to level 2 for 3 to 5 days then finally to level 3. Healthy persons who do not smoke, eat healthy, and exercise can generally start on level 3 immediately. Acidic persons who smoke, drink lots of alcohol, eat fast food or unhealthy food ( a diet very high in meat and low in green vegetables or fruits) are generally over acidic and will need to start on level 1 and work their way up slowly. If you are over acidic you may notice headaches or dizziness when drinking the high PH alkalin ionized water, lower the PH and drink the water at the lower setting to avoid this.
level 2: For drinking, cooking or making tee of coffee.
Level 3: High strength drinking water,cooking, makes great coffee or tea by reducing the acidity of the coffee. Coffee is generally very acidic. There is a whole theory of disease called the "alkaline-acidic theory of disease" there are also alkaline diets you can follow in addition to drinking 9.5 or higher ph water.
Level 4: Ultra high strength for drinking or for cooking
Alkaline Ionized Antioxidant Drinking water is a medically recognized antioxidant drinking water source with many health benefits relating to weightloss, anti aging, anti cancer, arthritis alleviation, diabetes, cancer, and many other forms of degenerative disease. By drinking ionized water you will supply your body with millions of antioxidant hydroxyl ions in every glass. Rapidly detoxifying your body resulting in natural weight loss of fat as well as anti cancer effects as the negatively charged hydroxyl ions bond with positively charged free radicals, one of the primary hypothesis as to the cause of cancer. In a world that is obsessed with antioxidants, antioxidant drinking water is a must.
Compare the Bawell Water Ionizers machines to other competitors on the market, take a look at my photos, you will see the Bawell filters are much bigger and better than competitor filters, in addition to the many other features including the warranty and return policy.
Visit Bawell Water Ionizers . Com to learn more or see it in the Youtube video

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